Friday, July 25, 2008

AZ nurses back Patterson for Rep on health care

Nurses recognize Patterson offers hope and compassion on health care

UPDATE, 8/22: Patterson wins another big healthcare endorsement.

TUCSON -- Our healthy campaign has picked up another big endorsement, this time from the Arizona Nurses Association.

When I'm in the Arizona Legislature, with your help and vote in the LD29 primary, I will work to build bridges to expand coverage and cut the costs of health care.

"The Arizona Nurses Association Political Action Committee (AzNA-PAC) is pleased to inform you that the PAC will endorse your primary race," says LeAnn Larson, Tucson nurse and AzNA-PAC Chair. "We appreciate your interest in nursing issues, and your willingness to work with registered nurses to improve the health care of the people of Arizona. We wish you luck in your campaign."

Since 1919, the Arizona Nurses Association has been helping nurses navigate an increasingly complex healthcare environment. AzNA is the largest and most widely recognized professional nursing organization in Arizona with members from all practice roles and settings. While many organizations talk about what they will do for their members, AzNA has been delivering results benefiting nurses for over 85 years.

I am thrilled to have the backing of Arizona's nurses, and I will be a leader and listener on health care reform in the State House.

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