Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Candidates win 'phoney' awards for being in touch

Good leaders are reachable

TUCSON -- Local reporter Dave Devine at the Weekly just had a great contest to call state legislative candidates to judge how in touch they are with constituents.

This Fourth of July, I'm happy to announce I won the top 'Phoney Award' today from the Weekly for being very in touch.

Both my Republican opponents finished last, failing to return two calls in a week from a constituent.

From the July 3 issue: 'As America celebrates the 232nd anniversary of its revolt against an unresponsive British monarchy, the Tucson Weekly for the seventh time proudly presents its Phoney Awards to local public servants.

'This year, the nominees for this prestigious award are Southern Arizona candidates running for seats in the state Legislature. The list of categories was determined by their response time to a phone call from a constituent.'

On my direct and immediate responsiveness to a constituent call, the Weekly said, '...that kind of response deserves special accolades.' and '...unlike that by King George III, lets people talk directly to their potential political leaders.'

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