Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Conservation Voters back Patterson for State Rep

AZ environmental voters back Patterson for House

UPDATE, 7/26: Why voting for environmentally strong candidates is important.

TUCSON -- Our popular campaign just keeps getting stronger. I am very pleased to report today that we've won the support of the Arizona League of Conservation Voters.

With my over 15 years of 'lead by example' work on energy, water and environmental policy and solutions, I am proud to be the best environmental candidate in the LD29 State House race, with a proven effective record.

As the political arm of the conservation community in Arizona the League works to foster common-sense conservation policy at the state level, increase accountability amongst our elected officials, build bridges between conservation organizations, and hold our elected officials accountable for their performance as our representatives.

We also won another big endorsement today that we'll announce Friday.

The time for change is now! See all Patterson's endorsements, and vote in the primary election July 31-Sept 2.

UPDATE, 7/23: More coverage of the LD29 debate.

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