Tuesday, July 22, 2008

In USA, Isabel Garcia has free speech right on Joe

Just because you work for the government doesn't mean you can't speak out

TUCSON -- Arizona human rights activist Isabel Garcia is being unfairly attacked over her strong views and actions on immigration reform.

The few screaming for her to be fired from her job with Pima County are extreme with their anti-American views in this case. There's nothing patriotic about trying to squash someone's rights.

This is the USA, and Ms. Garcia has a protected free speech right to criticize the government, just as Sheriff Joe Arpaio has a right to express his views.

Free speech is number one on the Bill of Rights in the US Constitution. Read it sometime before you next talk about 'freedom'. Just because someone expresses strong views does not mean she should lose her job.

It's fine to criticize Isabel if you don't agree -- she's tough and can take it -- but show some respect for her use of our American free speech rights. After all, it's your rights too.

We can disagree without being so disagreeable. We'd all be a lot better off if we'd all listen more.

In other news today related to Pima County, there's more hitting the fan on the 'rigged' RTA election and election integrity.


Anonymous said...

I also notice now that comments have to be approved before they post......what about MY 1st. amendment right to call you out as an idiot?

RAUL said...

If she doesn't work for the Sheriff, she could not be fired with cause. If she was employed by the Sheriff, I'm quite sure we would be hearing about whistle-blowing activities instead of political protest. Both protest AND whistle-blowing are protected by law.