Monday, July 21, 2008

Patterson for House wins backing of AZ AFL-CIO

Rebekah Friend and AZ unions back Patterson

TUCSON -- The big endorsements of our strong campaign just keep coming in. I'm proud to announce that I've won the backing of the statewide AFL-CIO. Earlier we won the endorsement of the Pima Area Labor Federation.

"The Arizona AFL-CIO General Board voted unanimously to endorse your candidacy... based on your commitment to the issues most important to working families," said Rebekah Friend, Executive Director. "This official endorsement represents more than 165,000 union members and families here in Arizona. We are committed to our support and look forward to a successful campaign. We wish you the best..."

A vote for Patterson for State Rep in the LD29 primary July 31-Sept 2 is a vote for working people and an better economy.

Thank you, AFL-CIO and union members!

Watch the LD29 debate.

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