Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Time for change is now on AZ economy leadership

AZ food bank tries to keep up with hunger during this leaderless bad economy

TUCSON -- The Arizona economy keeps going down, likely you've noticed. My family and I are feeling it, along with most people on the south and southeast sides, and across the state.

The July Arizona economy reports look gloomy. Tucson losing many of its non-stop flights at TIA is a bad sign, and will harm Pima County and southeastern Arizona. The mortgage and lending industries are in critical condition. Prices are rising and unemployment claims are way up. People are not paid enough or getting adequate benefits.

Just one big expense can put many working people over the edge, into big debt and worse. I know firsthand. My wife and I don't make a lot, and we have a child to support.

Economic surprises can hurt. Our main water line broke this morning and our water is shut off. Right now I have a plumber -- good guy from UA local union 469, which has endorsed my campaign to help jobs and the economy -- working on an unexpected major job I couldn't do myself.

This repair is essential. My family and I must have water. But it is a substantial expense.

Luckily, we are fiscally responsible and careful with money and have a small savings, but if not this could be a major financial problem.

I'm running for the State House to serve you as an experienced smart hardworking leader who listens and understands, and will help our economy with a fiscally responsible public investment view that restores economic justice.

I will promote and encourage responsible business and investment in Arizona that provides good sustainable jobs. I am a friend of workers, and will continue to be at the capitol. I've also helped run a successful business.

The time for change is now! Arizonans deserve new leadership to stop the economic 'race to the bottom', and build a strong, sustainable, fair and prosperous economy that will help working people and businesses thrive.

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