Saturday, August 16, 2008

Leadership for a fair and prosperous AZ economy

Vote Patterson for economic justice. Image from Wall Street Journal

TUCSON -- As a homeowner and family man, I know today's economy is painful. As foreclosures continue to rise, vacant looted houses harm neighborhood values and safety. As a south side Neighborhood President, I am concerned about people losing their homes. One big expense can put people over the edge, into big debt and worse. I know. My wife and I are not rich, and we have a child to support.

Arizona's economy is gloomy. Unemployment and prices keep rising. Workers' wages and benefits are too low. This is not the time to raise sales taxes. Losing non-stop flights at TIA hurts.

Arizona needs experienced, hopeful leaders who listen, help and understand, and will diversify our economy with responsible public investment that restores economic justice. Arizonans deserve new leadership to solve problems and stop the 'race to the bottom', and build a sustainable, fair and prosperous new economy that helps workers and businesses thrive.

Vote Patterson, Democrat for State Rep in district 29, now - Sept 2.

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