Thursday, August 14, 2008

Obama will protect wildlife, McCain 'no comment'

Endangered desert nesting Bald Eagle in Arizona

TUCSON -- As the dirty Bush/Cheney gang prepares to ride out of Washington in their Hummer limos, they are trying to torch the Endangered Species Act, America's most important wildlife law.

Democratic Sen. Barack Obama's campaign says: "This 11th-hour ruling from the Bush administration is highly problematic. After over 30 years of successfully protecting our nation's most endangered wildlife like the bald eagle, we should be looking for ways to improve it, not weaken it," said Obama campaign spokesman Nick Shapiro. "As president, Senator Obama will fight to maintain the strong protections of the Endangered Species Act and undo this proposal from President Bush."

A spokesman for Sen. John McCain, the Republican presidential nominee, said he had no comment on Bush's revisions.

As an ecologist, I have a comment, "vote for Obama".

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