Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Sierra NV bighorn protected; AZ LD29 site updated

Naturalist Paul McFarland of Friends of the Inyo surveys bighorn habitat DRP photo

TUCSON -- We've updated our popular campaign website, DanielPatterson.net. Please have a look now, and vote Daniel Patterson for State Representative in Arizona district 29.

In other good news today, on a wildlife conservation issue I've worked on for years, the US Fish and Wildlife Service has announced protection of 417,577 of mostly your public lands in the eastern Sierra Nevada for protection and recovery of endangered Sierra Nevada bighorn sheep.

Sierra Nevada bighorn

In a 2005 editorial about threats to bighorn, the Los Angeles Times said, "the service should do as Patterson suggested".

Better late than never for the bighorn.


MuleKist said...

What about the wilds horses?

Daniel R. Patterson said...

I oppose BLM's wild horse roundups to serve complaining public lands ranchers.