Tuesday, August 12, 2008

To win, Obama needs western Governor for VP

Barack and Bill would win the White House

TUCSON -- All the political junkies are talking about it, so I'll share my view.

Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) should ask New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson to be his running mate.

To beat Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), Obama needs a Governor on the ticket, and it should be a well known one from the west. As a super-qualified popular Latino, Richardson would be the strongest pick, if he wants to be Vice President. Who knows, Big Bill may prefer to stay on as Governor of the Land of Enchantment?

Let me also say Obama's fellow Senator Joe Biden (D-DE) would not be the best pick. Biden is smart and well qualified, but no one wants to vote for two Senators, and Biden's northeast roots will not help Obama win.

One wake up call to the Obama staffers reading this, get your candidate to stop in Arizona soon, preferably Tucson, the progressive heart of the state. Make McCain campaign here. As a DC-insider, he is not as popular in Arizona as you may think. Obama can win Arizona if he tries.

Just have Obama make a quick stop in Arizona during one of his many trips to Colorado, New Mexico and Nevada. Visit Phoenix again too, but if you want to win Arizona don't skip million-person Tucson. Not campaigning in Arizona means you will surely lose here, and Arizona has more votes than the other states I just mentioned where Obama is visiting often.


Jeneiene Schaffer said...

Yea, Richardson!!--My number one pick for pres, but I'd settle happily for the vp spot as well. Biden would be a baaaad choice. Too elitist. Richardson is smart, but such a huggy bear. I'd like to see Janet too, but she'd also make a good cabinet member. Ok, my two cents. Back to work. Like everyone else, I'll find out the VP pick on my email any time now...

JC said...

And they've got a body language raport that can't be beat...

AZW88 said...

I like Bill Richardson, but he woudl be a horrible choice for Veep. He is known more for his stints in the Clinton Administration than he is as a western Governor. His key experience was over 8 years ago. Obama needs someone with a more recognizable name.

Richardson should and will get a key cabinet post, but he hurts Obama as a veep. And if Janet leaves AZ in the hands of Brewer, her name will be $#!% in many Arizona Democrats.

Biden brings the foreign policy creds that Obama needs. I don't like the fact that both the president and his Veep would be senators, but if it keeps McCain out of the white House I can live with it.

Jeneiene Schaffer said...

azw88, I respectfully disagree. Numerous studies have shown and books have been written that suggest that most voters (not policy wonks) vote for who they identify with on a personal level, not necessarily what they stand for or what policy work they may have done 8 years ago. Virtually nobody in this country pays attention to that. We may think they do, wrapped in our civic, political, and community work...but most Americans don't vote the way we do.

This is why the whole 'speaking truth to power' has been debunked. It's more about who a person can like that is the highest priority when choosing a political leader like president or VP.

My gut feeling is that Biden is the pesky know it all neighbor that sneers when you pull into the driveway. He may know exactly where your trees cross over into his property line, but he's not likely to be invited to your BBQ.

Obama needs a big huggy bear. It's as simple as that.

AZW88 said...

Jeneiene, Speaking of studies, polling indicates that Richardson would not help Obama.

Jeneiene Schaffer said...

Polls are a tricky thing, to be sure. Right now, since Obama and McCain are virtually in a dead heat, I would wager that any VP would not boost Obama significantly UNTIL he or she is actually chosen, and the real race can begin. I read an article recently that stated that the longer Obama waits to make a choice the more he'll have to work to keep ahead of McCain, and that is irregardless of what VP choice is lingering in the midsts of uncertainty.