Monday, August 11, 2008

Vote for energy leadership in AZ House and ACC

Leading by example: our solar-powered house

TUCSON -- Energy is a giant issue in the elections this year, and it should be. Our current energy crisis is dragging down our economy, warming the planet and changing the climate in bad ways.

Just as I ask for your vote for me for State Rep in LD29 as a leader with proven 'lead by example' experience for clean energy solutions, I also ask you to vote for Paul Newman, Kara Kelty and Sandra Kennedy for Arizona Corporation Commission.

The Arizona Corporation Commission is a 4th leg of state government, with huge responsibilities in areas that affect our lives every day.

Electing me to the House, and Newman, Kelty and Kennedy to the ACC will help Arizona realize smart energy solutions that will boost our economy and quality of life.

Vote now on your early ballot, or vote at the polls Sept 2. Thank you.

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