Monday, September 22, 2008

'Battle in Seattle' film opens in US, but not AZ yet

Activists make history. The WTO has never fully recovered since being shut down in Seattle

TUCSON -- The new movie 'Battle in Seattle' about the Nov-Dec 1999 World Trade Organization protests opened Friday at limited theaters across the US, but none in Arizona, despite the fact that 75+ Grand Canyon State activists, including me, my wife and others with the Sonoran Justice Alliance, had important non-violent roles in Seattle.

Hopefully this important film will make it to the big screen in Tucson, Phoenix, Yuma, Flagstaff and other AZ theaters soon. Click here to add to the 'demand'.

Watch the intro below.

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Jeneiene Schaffer said...

I just saw the trailer, and it looks much like how it did when I was protesting there. Having spent three days in the King County jail during the "battle", it will be interesting to see how the movie depicts the huge human rights violations that occurred to many of us for practicing our freedom of speech.

And, Daniel makes a good point. There were 52 Arizonans in total who went to Seattle to stop the WTO meetings.

I'll never forget our experiences there. It was dangerous, yes, but also exciting to fight with Americans from all walks of life. I was side by side with Sea Shepards, union workers, catholic priests, grandmothers, native americans, teachers, and farmers. As we used to chant then, "This is what democracy looks like!"