Friday, September 05, 2008

Economy and jobs hurt by McBush/Cheney GOP

Democrats offer hope to heal our economy

TUCSON -- Americans are suffering as the wrecked US economy continues to sink, with the average unemployment rate rising to 6.1%, the highest level in five years.

In many places across Arizona and the nation, unemployment is much higher than 6.1%.

We cannot afford more Republican failures on the economy.

Vote Democratic this fall to help build a fair, prosperous and sustainable economy that stops the 'race to the bottom' and rewards hard work, not just wealth.

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Anonymous said...

And Democrats need to keep reminding voters of the mess in the economy, the mess in employment, in housing, in health care, in education, and just about everything is a mess because of BAD decisions of Republicans in Washington and in the state governments.

Democrats, don't get caught fighting their battles of words and personalities. Get to the issues that are important and stay there.