Saturday, September 20, 2008

Outdoorswomen: help control off-road abuse in AZ

Off-road 'wreck'reation often disrupts hunting opportunities

TUCSON -- Before I head out for Saturday campaigning, a quick post about something you can do to help our state.

Like many people, are you sick and tired of reckless off-roaders tearing up Arizona's fragile land and waters? Well, you can do something about it.

The State Off-Highway Vehicle Advisory Group (OHVAG) is seeking a new member for a three year term. To ensure minimal diversity of representation (AZ State Parks currently unfairly mandates that 5 of the 7 seats be for off-roaders) the group is seeking one member from the hunting or fishing community, preferably a woman, to represent hunting and fishing interests. At this time no hunters, anglers or women have currently applied. Now is your chance to step up, serve and have influence.

Take action now, because this group badly needs a fighting conservation voice, and applications are due September 26.

More information and an application.

- adapted from AZGFD

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