Friday, September 19, 2008

Tucson leads nation with 80+ Park(ing) Day parks

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TUCSON -- Today is Park(ing) Day, and Arizona's finest city leads the nation with 80+ street parks created. Tucson is enthusiastically supporting this effort.

My daughter Ruby and I got some ice cream, and sat at a nice park(ing) spot on 4th Av. After that we did some art and hung it up for all to see. Everyone was enjoying the scene and smiling, including people driving by. It was eye-opening for many to see just what you could do (a lot) in the space just one car takes up.

Park(ing) Day also helped some local officials highlight the need for more park space in Tucson.

"Councilor Regina Romero wants to highlight the fact that parks, and natural resource parks in particular, are far below average in Tucson. The national average for parks is 10 acres per 1000 population. Tucson has 6 acres per 1000 people. Our park land mass should be 10 percent for Tucson and we only have 2 percent," says Diana Rhoades, Ward 1 Council Aide.

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