Saturday, October 25, 2008

AZ needs $500M-3B from feds in new stimulus

Helping states will help people and the economy at all levels.

UPDATE, 11/1: NY Times joins call for feds and congress to help states.

TUCSON -- Arizona's budget and economy problems continue to worsen, making the need for new state leadership even more critical.

Arizonans pay a lot in taxes to Washington DC, and if congress and the feds can spend $1.5T to bailout Wall Street and the financial sector, then they can also help states so essential services like education, healthcare and public safety don't suffer.

I'm thankful to hear US Rep. Giffords (D-AZ8) joining me and others in talking about the need aid to states in any new economic stimulus package. Arizona would benefit from her and others' help in the House to get it done.

In the new stimulus package, likely to be a big debate on Capitol Hill after the elections, Arizona needs $500M-3B, and we will spend it wisely to help people and create jobs.

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