Friday, October 17, 2008

McCain more same GOP failures on environment

McCain won't even protect the Grand Canyon from renewed uranium mining by his friends Bush-Cheney and the nuclear industry.

PHOENIX -- A front page story by Tucson-native Jane Kay in today's San Francisco Chronicle details John McCain's big problems on energy and the environment.

From the article: 'Daniel Patterson, an ecologist and Southwest director of Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, said that in his view the senator has not been responsive to conservation concerns.'

"McCain has been in many ways quietly unsupportive of conservation, even in his own state,"
said Patterson. "He's failed to try to do anything to protect the Grand Canyon from renewed uranium mining despite requests from members of Arizona's House delegation. If he won't step up to protect the Grand Canyon in his own state, how can we expect anything on the environment but the same type of policies we've seen for the last eight years from Bush and (Vice President Dick) Cheney?"

Where is the Arizona media on this important story?

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