Friday, October 24, 2008

Star backs Patterson; early ballot deadline today

Vote Democratic, vote Patterson.

TUCSON -- Today I won the endorsement of the Arizona Daily Star, Tucson and southern AZ's largest newspaper. I appreciate and value the Star's backing, and LD29 voters, I ask for your vote. I also encourage south and south east side voters in district 29 to also support fellow Democrat Dr. Matt Heinz.

Today is also the last day to request your early vote-by-mail ballot. Call 740.4330 or click here. View all Patterson's endorsements.

Some excerpts from the Star endorsement: The Star endorses Daniel Patterson... for the Arizona House in Legislative District 29.

Patterson has strong community roots and his comprehensive platform includes improving the economy, economic justice, health, education and the environment in Arizona. He is president of his Santa Rita Park Neighborhood Association and has served on the Tucson Planning Commission and the Pima County Board of Adjustment.

Patterson said his priority would be the state budget, which is already in the hole. He told the Star's editorial board that he would "minimize" cuts to health care and education.

"There is a lot of temptation to cut state programs when times are hard," he said. "When the economy takes a dive, people's needs go up."

Patterson recognizes that the state's reliance on sales-tax revenue creates a shaky fiscal foundation.

"We're way too dependent on sales tax. It's a very volatile tax," he said. "We need to look at how the state raises revenue."

We like Patterson's approach to public education. He said he's against giving parents taxpayer-funded vouchers to pay for private school tuition, in part because he supports the separation of church and state, but that "vouchers are somewhat of a fringe issue" in the overall discussion of education.

Arizona needs "a good school for every child while not diverting money away from public schools," he said.

The Arizona Legislature has been wanting for reasonable people who can disagree on issues but come together on a compromise. We endorse Patterson... for the state House from District 29.

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