Saturday, October 18, 2008

States need economic rescue in new stimulus

Arizona Capitol copper dome.

UPDATE, 10/23: AZ Gov. pushes help for states.

PHOENIX -- If congress and the feds can spend $1.5T to bailout Wall Street and the financial sector, then they certainly must find a way to help states struggling with related budget problems.

Congress will likely be considering a $150B economic stimulus package during a lame-duck session after the election. Just $500M-3B of that could rescue Arizona's budget so the state can fully protect essential public services such as education, healthcare and public safety.

I will be in Washington just after the election, and as a likely newly elected State Representative, with your support and vote, I may try to have some meetings to discuss the need for stronger federal support for Arizona during this bad economy.

Gov. Janet Napolitano has also suggested congress could help Arizona in reducing the budget shortfall. I encourage other Arizona leaders to join our call now. Other states are already asking for congress for help.

Aiding states is the right thing to do, and it will help people and the economy.

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