Saturday, November 29, 2008

Mining boom in AZ is busted crashing economies

Abandoned 'business district' in mining town Clifton AZ.

MORENCI AZ -- Based on a proven track record since the 1800's, mining in the American west is often accurately described as 'boom and bust'.

Right now, big mining corporations are again hurting people and towns with massive job cuts. The mining 'boom' we hear now is crashing local economies as mining goes 'bust' again, after leaving communities with a new round of land destruction and pollution.

Were a similar percentage of Freeport-McMoRan's (FCX) high paid executives and white-collar workers laid off at the corporation's deluxe HQ, as were blue-collar workers sacked at the mines? Doubt it.


AZW88 said...

The ripple effect of those layoffs will be hard and deep in many of these towns. As copper prices spiked in recent years causing mining operations to re-open and expand, more workers brought about the need for new housing. The housing crisis that is hurting the rest of the state is going to be magnified in these towns.

Not to mention that the loss of the ancillary jobs created by the boom (restaurants, service stations, stores, etc). The state's economy, already hit by declining revenue will be hit even harder by the loss of the income taxes from these workers (mines tend to pay a pretty good wage).

I strongly oppose the Rosemont mine, (and the drop in copper prices may help keep it from becoming reality) but I worry about a steep decline in mining in Arizona. It plays to big a role in the Arizona economy to die.

popschief said...

Having traveled many times throughout the amazing Baja Peninsula I appreciate the beautiful Sonoran Desert. I am also totally in favor of access to our wild places. It's sad to see the way some abuse public lands. The responsible use of public land will only be achieved through education. Just as training is required to enjoy the privileges associated with driving, flying or boating, training is going to have to be required for public lands access.