Thursday, November 27, 2008

NFL should improve big Thanksgiving game

Rematch Super Bowl teams, not Lions every Thanksgiving.

TUCSON -- I'm just relaxing at home with the family today. Nice cool rainy day in the Sonoran Desert. Our house smells tasty with the cooking food. I'm having a very thankful day, and I hope you are too.

I like and used to play football, so as I wait for our visitors, I'm watching the NFL's traditional Thanksgiving game shown nationally from Detroit. But it is not a good game. The Lions are down to Tennessee by 34 in the 4th quarter, and most of the fans have left the stadium, but still the viewers must suffer until the bitter end.

I'm an old Lions fan, but they are almost always bad, and should have to earn back the holiday spotlight. The NFL could ensure competitive Thanksgiving games by having the main event always feature the two teams that played in the last Super Bowl, hosted by the winning team. With this plan, today we would see Patriots v. Giants as the main game from New York. If the Lions make the Super Bowl, then they can again play in the big game the following Thanksgiving.

Cardinals v. Eagles tonight from Philadelphia should be a better game than what we are seeing from Detroit. Go Arizona! Too bad this better game is not as widely shown.

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Zelph said...

Sadly all three NFL games today were turkeys, including the Cardinals game so far.