Friday, November 14, 2008

Grijalva or Richardson for Secretary of Interior

Grijalva or Richardson would be good at Interior.

UPDATE, 11/21: Many reports that Richardson may be Commerce Sec.

TUCSON -- US Rep. Raul Grijalva and Gov. Bill Richardson of New Mexico are my 1 and 2 picks for Interior Secretary in the Obama-Biden administration.

If Grijalva gets the position, his Congressional seat would likely be filled by another progressive Democrat. If Richardson goes to Washington, Lt. Governor Diane Denish (D) would take over as Governor of New Mexico.

Other good candidates for Interior include: John Leshy, former DoI Solicitor General under Clinton, US Rep. George Miller (D-CA), former Chairman of the House Natural Resources Committee, and US Rep. Jay Inslee (D-WA), who sits on the House Energy and Commerce Committee.


chakamom said...

As a NM resident, I have not found Gov. Richardson to be a strong environmentalist. I think others are far better suited to be Secy of the Interior. The publicity he's received as a conservationist far exceeds his actions. I think he is an outstanding Governor in other areas, and a fine statesman. I would support him as Secy of State or perhaps Energy - not Interior. chakamom

meadow said...

Is being a hunter necessary for the job? I think Richardson took it up for show anyway thinking all presidential candidates would have to kill something to get the NRA vote. Thank goodness the final canditates didn't feel the need this time to have photos with the obligatory carcass. (with the excpetion of Palin- a hunter who would be a horrible secretary of the interior)

DRP said...

No, being a hunter is not necessary, but it could help.

Certainly, being a hunter is not a liability at Interior or in western politics.