Sunday, November 09, 2008

Obama justified to quickly reverse Bush errors

Obama right to take fast action.

WASHINGTON -- President-elect Barack Obama plans to use his power to issue executive orders in early 2009 to reverse Bush mistakes on global warming pollution, stem cell research, reproductive rights, reckless oil and gas drilling and other areas.

I applaud Obama's wise consideration of moving swiftly to remove some of the worst Bush-Cheney errors against the public interest. Clearly, this is justified and within his authority.

To prevent the outgoing administration from doing further damage with last minute attacks, congress should move soon to freeze publication of proposed or new rules in the federal register, until after January 20.


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Game GalAXxy said...

I think that Obama will do a good job, but it is going to take him sometime to work out the mess Bush has made.

Larry Porter

Anonymous said...

Obama , is not the president and should have the class as past presidents elects have done and keep there mouths shut…..He is not the sworn in President, I fear for our great country. I thank god I am in the south, we still will die for freedom and protect the weak. Good luck to those who have taken the socilaist way. Just keep this guy in your sites and be careful what rhetoric he spews.