Friday, November 21, 2008

Rep. Grijalva of AZ for Interior Secretary, seriously

Grijalva for Interior?

TUCSON -- Politico is reporting that our Congressman Raul M. Grijalva (D-AZ7) is emerging as a top candidate for Interior Secretary. This is good news, and I encourage President-elect Barack Obama to select him.

I've long recommended Raul as good for this important job, and I hope he gets it.

If Mr. Grijalva becomes Interior Secretary, it is very likely another progressive Democrat would take his seat in Congress, perhaps Richard Elias, Chairman of the Pima County Board of Supervisors.

Contact the Obama transition team with support for Grijalva for Interior.

OTHER COVERAGE: Washington Post; Tucson Citizen; Billie Stanton; New West


Ron Kearns said...

I think Mr. Grijavla is a very good choice. His integrity should help reverse and prevent the style of entrenched corruption currently endemic in the DOI.

I am especially anticipating a positive change in the position of the USFWS Director.

Ron Kearns
USFWS Retired

AZW88 said...

I have mixed feelings on this. He brings some great insight and a strong environmental record to the post, which is much needed after 8 years of Bush appointees. However, we would lose a powerful Congressman for Southern AZ, and that may have longer term implications for the state. We lose his seniority and powerful positions.

And what would Raul do in 4 or 8 years when there is a new President? He has great name recognition in his district, but would that carry him back to an elected position? Would he run against his successor to retake his seat?

Anonymous said...

Grijalva isn't educated enough for a cabinet post. He barley got a Bachelors degree a little over 10 years ago.

I also don't want Richard Elias to succeed him in Congress as he also embraces Illegal Aliens like Raul does.

Anonymous said...

I hope Grijalva is offered the job and we know he will accept it - if offered.

I hope this be because, contrary, to what Ron Kerans said about Grijalva and "intergrity" - we here in AZ. know the words 'Grijalva and integrity" cannot be used in the same sentence.

Read our lips - 'corruption and Grijalva' go hand in hand.

I'd like to get him out of here - and then when Obama changes direction and makes changes in his administration (which he will)Grijalva will be replaced - leaving him with no post - no seat in Congress -- and by then, hopefully, someone with
'integrity' will step up and run in Az.

Then the public can be done with the era of Grijalva at last!

Anonymous said...

The Interior Secretary position is perfect for Grijalva. The entire department was investigated for fraud, corruption - furthermore, staffers, interns and others in the dept. were found guilty of using cocaine and committing other crimes. The perfect fit for the corrupt Grijalva - Obama knows old pancho well enough to put him where he'd be right at home.

Ask around about Grijalva - ask former politicians and current ones - ask your buddy, Elaine Richardson - she knows how corrupt Grijalva is - ask Ray Carroll and many others aobut od pancho's corruption - The best thing for AZ is to get him out of here - and asap is not soon enough!

DRP said...

I post most readers' comments in the interest of debate, but notice the attackers almost always choose to not name themselves.

Could it be many of them are the same individuals making many 'anonymous' comments? Could be.

Mr. Grijalva has done a good job for us in Congress and is the smart pick for Interior.