Saturday, December 27, 2008

Fossil Creek, Forest Service and fixing AZ water law

Fossil Creek AZ.

PHOENIX -- The Republic has an important article today about protecting Fossil Creek now and long-term, quoting my friend and river advocate Michelle Harrington.

APS did the right thing by removing their dam and letting the creek flow again. Now, the Coconino National Forest must better manage the landscape around Fossil Creek, including keeping off-road vehicles and livestock out, limiting roads, designating parking and campsites, and setting a reasonable carrying capacity that will be effectively monitored and enforced.

Finally, the Forest Service should better manage Fossil Creek without making it a controversial fee area.

Another big need for long-term protection of spring-fed Fossil Creek and other threatened Arizona waters is changing outdated state water law to recognize the proven connections between groundwater and surface waters. As a member of the House Water and Energy Committee, I will work collaboratively and try to better protect our water future.

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