Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Utah activist 'bidding' disrupts BLM oil & gas sale

Bush BLM's view of your public lands.

SALT LAKE CITY -- Great job by Utahan Tim DeChristopher, who on Friday with a friend creatively disrupted a US Bureau of Land Management holiday sale for the oil and gas industry.

Before they are removed from power on Jan 20, the corrupt Bush-Cheney Interior Department and its BLM are in a mad rush to sell as much of your land as possible, at insanely low prices, to big polluting oil and gas corporations.

Time to go: BLM Utah State Director Selma Sierra.

Wasting no time wrecking other western lands, dirty BLM rushed Monday to hand out permits for a controversial new giant polluting coal plant in the Great Basin Desert of Nevada.

It remains to be seen if and how President Obama and his 'wise use' Interior Secretary Ken Salazar will truly stop reckless oil, gas and coal plunder across America's fragile and scenic public lands.

BLM needs a major shake up at Washington HQ and state, district and field offices, including the retirement of BLM's #2 man in DC, Henri Bisson.

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