Monday, December 29, 2008

World majority calls for Gaza ceasefire, minus US

Wounded child in Gaza.

LONDON & NEW YORK -- Most of the world, including the UK and the Pope, is calling for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, where at least 1600 people have been wounded or killed by Israeli air strikes since Saturday. In Israel, 4 people have been killed by rockets from Gaza.

Hamas militants firing rockets in to Israel is not right, and won't work. The mighty deadly Israeli military attacking Gaza is not right, and won't work. Too many are being killed all around, and a horrific all-out war seems possible.

As usual, too bad many US politicians are issuing one-sided statements totally backing the Israeli government, which is also not right and won't work.

Many Israelis, Palestinians and people worldwide want peace in the region, but they must convince their governments to make peace, with compromise and US and others' help.

Only a fair settlement between Israel and the Palestinians will improve security and stop the violence, and that can likely only happen when the US takes a more balanced approach in the region.

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