Monday, January 12, 2009

49th Legislature starts, adios Gov. Napolitano

Gov. Napolitano off to DC to head Homeland Security.

PHOENIX -- It was my honor to be sworn in today as State Representative from Tucson's district 29. I'm proud my family could be there at my side.

Gov. Janet Napolitano (D) gave her final State of the State speech today, and leaves for Washington tomorrow. Today when I spoke to her I wished her good luck at DHS.

The governor's office on the 9th floor is cleared out. I've heard credible reports that Sec. of State Jan Brewer (R) will become Arizona's next governor as soon as Jan 21.

I'll be working hard and tactfully at the Capitol to represent the public interest in what will likely be a very tough session due to our giant economic problems. As a new member in the minority, I plan to keep a low profile for a few months, focusing on building relationships with other members and earning respect to become the most effective lawmaker possible.

Everyone was all smiles and friendly today, and hopefully that feeling will last. We'll see as tomorrow morning House members start a week full of 'budget bootcamp' meetings.

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