Friday, January 30, 2009

Hurry up and wait at Capitol on AZ budget

Could be a rare late Friday night at the AZ Capitol.

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UPDATE, 9:45pm: House members are now taking the floor, and it is likely we will be working most or all night debating and voting on budget proposals, amendments and bills.

7:10pm: Not on the floor yet and still waiting for word from the Speaker. Another reason we are still here is Gov. Jan Brewer is leaving tomorrow for the Super Bowl in Tampa, which is why GOP legislative leaders are forcing this harmful budget through in the middle of the night.

PHOENIX -- After showing up this morning for a short floor session then caucus, we were supposed to take the floor again at 2pm to debate and vote on the bad FY09 budget cuts, and several Democratic amendments to try to reduce the harm to people, education and healthcare.

Two and a half hours later, Republican leadership has just announced we may take the floor around 7pm.

One key GOP told me not long ago they 'may not have all the votes', and mentioned we may be here until 1am tonight.


Jeneiene Schaffer, Campaign Coordinator said...

Why did you not add the two very important points that constituents need to know? Fed stimulus is not a loan, and if not taken, it goes elsewhere. People need to know these NOW!

Amanda Shauger said...

Thanks for posting and keeping me up to date. Can't find anything in the online dailies yetama