Sunday, January 04, 2009

Money & politics: B. Richardson out; AZ going broke

AZ House building: where I'll be working to try to help solve our fiscal crisis.

PHOENIX -- Two breaking stories today.

New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson (D) has reversed course and will not seek the US Commerce Secretary position in the Obama administration.

Arizona's treasurer, Dean Martin (R), says the state may be out of money as soon as next month.

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AZW88 said...

I am sure that the investigation will clear him, but Bill Richardson did the right thing by pulling his name. Cabinet members must be free to focus on their jobs without clouds of doubt about their integrity.

As for the budget crisis, everyone has know it was coming but it has been ignored or put off by the outgoing legislature. With Brewer as governor with a Republican dominated legislature I wouldn't get your hopes up too much, Daniel. The rules in play up there pretty much keep the Dems from geting much done.

The only hope is to build a coalition with moderate republicans, and to do that, the dems must avoid too radical an agenda or rhetoric.