Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tucson Rep's view of 49th AZ Legislature, week 7

Rep. Patterson speaks at Capitol Tues.

PHOENIX -- Another busy day at the Capitol as a Representative from Tucson's district 29.

In the morning before caucus, I met in support with advocates for senior citizens, as covered in the Arizona Republic and Casa Grande Dispatch.

Later I met with Chamber of Commerce members from Tucson, Pima County and across Arizona, discussing the economy and need for revenue reform. I also met with nurses and healthcare advocates from my district, and others.

Tomorrow will again be very full with the peoples' business, and especially meaningful as Tribal Day at the Arizona Capitol.

On Wednesday at 12:15pm in the Capitol Rose Garden, my northern AZ friends Rep. Chris Deschene, D-St. Michaels (District 2) and Sen. Albert Hale, D-Klagetoh (District 2), along with tribal leaders and members will discuss how the deep cuts to the state budget are hurting Native American populations in Arizona.

"These cuts, which specifically have impacted education, health care and other programs, have severely cut off Native Americans in Arizona from their economic lifeline, future and well-being,” Deschene said. “Legislators and the public need to know the impacts of these deep cuts so the same mistake isn’t made in the 2010 budget.”

"There are other options available," Hale said. "Additional funding cuts set back programs by a number of years and more importantly deny funding of programs critical to our youth, disabled and seniors. We are in this situation together. We have to find solutions together."

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