Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Report: Rosement killing lions, overgrazing forest

Arizona 'Sky Islands' wildlife threatened by mining speculators.

TUCSON -- Canada-based Augusta Resources Corporation (AZC, aka Rosemont Copper) is already harming the scenic Santa Rita Mountains web-of-life.

The speculative mining investors have taken control of public lands grazing allotments on the Coronado National Forest. Augusta is reportedly killing Mountain Lions and overgrazing the land there, a likely sign of the company's true disrespect for the environment and your American public lands.

Below is new info from a concerned public employee.

'I was on FS Road 163 on the east side of the Santa Ritas in the Thurber Allotment. After you turn onto FR 163 from the Gardner Canyon Road there is an area that is really hammered by cattle where they tend to hang in large groups. Camped in this area was a group of people... They were hired by the permittees to kill a mountain lion that is allegedly predating cattle on the allotment. This allotment, as well as 3 others is permitted to the Rosemont Mine. This is not a struggling rancher trying to make a living but a huge multi-million dollar corporation who is taking over that end of the mountains.'

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