Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Former Enron execs push bad bill in AZ House

Past Enron executives want end run around AZ drinking water protection program.

UPDATE, 4/2: Tucson Citizen agrees with me and many others that AZ should protect our water, calling HB2352 'terrible'.

3/31: HB2352 was argued today on the House floor, and AP has some coverage.

3/26, 2:15pm: Victory, at least for today. In the face of common sense Democratic opposition and amendments, the sponsor of HB2352 avoided debate and held the bill today on the floor. It is likely though this bad bill will come back on the House floor as soon as next week.

PHOENIX -- An unwise bill to exempt energy corporations from Arizona's aquifer protection program is scheduled to be considered Thursday on the House floor, and I and others will oppose it.

HB2352 is a Republican bill that would primarily benefit the somewhat mysterious Houston-based Multifuels Corporation, which has at least three former Enron guys in top management, VPs Gil Muhl, Dick Robinson and Jim Homco.

The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality has raised legitimate big concerns and questions about this bill, but has been ordered by the governor to remain officially 'neutral'.

Watching out for Arizona's water and the common good, I and other Democrats on the House Water and Energy Committee also raised strong objections to the bill and voted no on it in committee, but it was rushed out on a party-line vote.

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Eli Blake said...

What? You mean that Arizona isn't just dripping wet with so much extra water that nobody would notice if they pump an unlimited amount out of the aquifer?

Why, I never imagined...