Monday, March 02, 2009

Just caught and collared Jaguar now dead in AZ

Arizona loses an endangered Jaguar.

TUCSON -- Sad news. Rare arizona borderlands Jaguar Macho B is dead after having been recently trapped by the AZ Game and Fish Dept. and fitted with a GPS collar. It is reported the Jaguar had kidney problems.

Sometimes, trapping and collaring wildlife turns out to not be the right thing to do. The research can be valuable, but it can cause severe stress to animals. This is not the first time a collared big predator has ended up dead in Arizona.

AZGFD and US Fish and Wildlife Service may have had little to no choice, but should've at least let Macho B back in to his wild habitat to die naturally. The old big cat deserved at least that much.

OTHER COVERAGE, 3/3: AZ Daily Star

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Arizona Jaguar News Conference Video

The video is 42 minutes.