Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bipartisan support on anti-fraud False Claims Act

Patterson showing effective leadership at Capitol.

UPDATE, 3/11: For fiscal responsibility, to protect the taxpayer and to help fight fraud in Arizona, Rep. Adam Driggs (R-Phoenix) needs to withdraw HB2595 from his committee, judiciary, where it was double assigned, so it can move to the House floor and all members may consider. We are working on this.

PHOENIX -- The House Democratic Caucus featured my Arizona False Claims Act bill (HB2595) as the main topic of our weekly Monday morning press conference.

I'm proud this common sense bill for taxpayer protection and fiscal responsibility has attracted bipartisan support and passed out of the House Commerce Committee last week.

Now, for the common good, legislative leaders should make sure it gets a chance for full consideration on the House floor.

OTHER COVERAGE: Howie Fischer in East Valley Tribune and Arizona Daily Star. The Arizona False Claims Act is also featured in today's Arizona Republic on the politics page (B2), and is being covered today on NPR stations in Arizona.

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