Tuesday, April 21, 2009

AZ House crushes Senate in annual ball game

Rep. Patterson of the Ducks hits against the Senate. David Lujan photo

TEMPE -- This evening the Arizona House Ducks beat the Senate Eagles something like 14-4 in 5 innings.

I played 3rd base, got some big hits and scored several runs. Rep. Stevens probably had the best game for the House, with solid hitting.

We all had fun and it was a good bipartisan diversion away from some of the daily stress of the legislature. Reps. Sinema and Biggs did a good job managing the House Ducks.

Next week the legislators play the lobbyists.


Princess Blue Pill said...

Is that picture really you? It looks like you have long black hair in a ponytail!

DRP said...

That's me last night. I also noticed that. Must be a shadow or something in background.