Thursday, April 02, 2009

Dem Diva Katie Hobbs gets out in front in LD15

Katie Hobbs is strongly considering a run for State House in central Phoenix's district 15.

PHOENIX -- I joined friends, Terry Goddard, Kyrsten Sinema, David Lujan, Nancy Young Wright and many others downtown last night at exploratory State Rep. candidate Katie Hobbs' successful fundraiser.

Katie is a social worker, progressive leader, mom and blogger at Democratic Diva.

Both Lujan and Sinema will be out of the House in 2011, and Katie is wise to be getting out front to win as a Democrat in the fall 2010 elections. Hobbs' exploratory website is up, but not much on it yet.

Good luck, Katie Hobbs.


katie said...

Thanks so much for the plug Daniel. I'm looking forward to joining you and Nancy in the House. I just want to clarify that AG Goddard has not endorsed my campaign. My website will be coming soon - just a placeholder up right now but it is katiehobbs dot org and I can be reached at katie at katiehobbs dot org.

Eli Blake said...

I'm excited you're running, Katie. We need people with your enthusiasm and energy as well as your viewpoints in the legislature.

As I said, I will send you something on the fifteenth.