Friday, April 03, 2009

AZ political Friday before MSU in Motown Final 4

Ray Morgan: Go State! Beat UConn!

TUCSON -- I had a very productive day in district 29. I got a lot done for the common good, but I kept thinking about Saturday's Final Four games in Detroit and how my alma mater Michigan State is going to beat UConn. Go Green!

It started with a visit to a TUSD elementary school. Then I was off to Solon's solar factory near the airport for a meeting and tour with other members and staff of the AZ House Water and Energy Committee. From there I went to a state budget event put on by southern AZ chambers of commerce. Lastly was a meeting with Mayor Bob Walkup (R) and others to discuss downtown revitalization.

I'm upset Arizona school districts are laying off thousands of teachers and employees today, due to Republican budget cuts in January I and all other legislative Democrats voted against.

I also join my fellow AZ House Democrats in calling on Gov. Jan Brewer (R) to immediately use federal stimulus dollars that would boost unemployment insurance for middle-class families.

I love Tucson, but I'd rather be in Detroit this weekend. Go State!

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