Friday, May 15, 2009

Goodbye paper, good luck

Will the Citizen stay alive on the web?

TUCSON -- Arizona's oldest newspaper, the 138-year-old Tucson Citizen, will sadly publish it's last paper tomorrow. The Citizen is being shut down by owner Gannett Corporation.

I've long appreciated the staff, journalism and editorial page of the Citizen and they will be missed.

I hope the effort to publish on-line at is successful and competitive with the last remaining daily newspaper in town, the Arizona Daily Star.


AZW88 said...

only editorials (and ads) will be online, along with all of the rants from wack-jobs that seem to dominate online newpaper comment sections in Arizona these days. No reporting, which make worthless.

Greedy Gannet held out for too much money... they would rather see the paper die, than sell to someone for less than their asking price...

Jared said...

I hope this trend stops in the near future. Once papers disappear into the online only world, it is highly unlikely that they will ever come back.