Saturday, May 23, 2009

Adams & Burns new PACs treasurer is anti-Tucson

New GOP PACs treasurer: 'I don't like Tucson'.

MARICOPA COUNTY AZ -- House Speaker Kirk Adams and Senate President Bob Burns, both right-wing Republicans, have started new political action committees (aka PACs) to try to help a struggling GOP keep its majority in their failing legislature.

Certainly the GOP will face many strong challenges statewide in 2010, but it seems Burns and Adams PACs don't care about southern Arizona. Their treasurer for these PACs, Hieu Tran of the Arizona Chamber of Commerce, tweeted 'I don't like Tucson', at 8:16a on May 19.

To GOP donors in southern Arizona, why give money to a PAC run by people who dislike the place you call home?

The Maricopa County-based Republican leadership's bias against southern Arizona has been clear for a long time, but this makes it official.

Support and vote Democratic if you care about all of Arizona, including Tucson, Pima County and the south.

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