Friday, May 01, 2009

Rep. Patterson on Arizona Illustrated tonight

Bill Buckmaster is the long-time host of AZ Illustrated.

UPDATE, 7pm: Watch it.

TUCSON -- I'll be a guest on the Friday night newsmakers interview on Arizona Illustrated, southern AZ's news magazine, discussing the state budget and other issues I'm dealing with as State Representative at the capitol.

The show airs this evening at 6:30pm on KUAT channels 6 and 27, and again at midnight.

I welcome this May Day as I continue to work for economic justice. Today, in addition to the TV show, I will visit a Tucson school and tour Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, both in my district 29.

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R_K said...


You presented yourself very well as a good public speaker during the budget and other discussions. You were direct and acknowledged the other participants while making your points. There were no public speaking faux pas such as repetitive ‘you knows’ and long pauses.

Additionally, I learned something new about the Arizona budget process. As a longtime Republican, I am concerned with the cuts and the budgetary wrangling that occurs with education, at all levels.