Tuesday, May 19, 2009

SoCal utility pulls plug on bad AZ powerline plan

SCE's powerline push was bad for Arizona.

PHOENIX -- Good news recently that Southern California Edison has canceled, at least for now, plans for a giant new powerline across Arizona to feed energy in to California.

The controversial Devers-Palo Verde #2 line would have ripped across the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge and other fragile Sonoran Desert lands. The Republican-lead Arizona Corporation Commission had unanimously voted it down as not in the best interest of our state, but SCE was appealing and pushing the feds to overrule the state.

Thank you, SCE, for scrapping this unwise powerline proposal. America needs much more focus and investment on producing clean power in cities and towns, such as rooftop solar and small wind (aka distributed generation), which would limit the need for new inefficient and vulnerable big grid powerlines.

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