Friday, June 05, 2009

Baseball is OK, but Marana stadium idea is not

TEPark is a good baseball facility and should be the focus of spring training efforts.

UPDATE, 6/19: With Rockies & Dbacks gone Pima baseball tax is even worse idea. New stadium for no teams would be a dumb waste. AZ GOP legislators cut schools and healthcare but want new tax to subsidize Major League Baseball!?!

TUCSON -- More chatter this week about new taxpayer subsidies for a sprawl stadium and spring training baseball in Pima County.

As a State Representative with a direct say on this issue, here is my view.

Trying to save spring training in Tucson is an OK idea, but trying to do it with another sales tax hike for an unneeded new urban sprawl stadium in the desert north of Tangerine Rd. in Marana, far from most people, is a very bad idea. Talk about a bad location.

ark and Hi Corbett are fine facilities, and baseball promotion efforts should focus there. We have a shortage of teams, not stadiums.

Pima County should reject the Marana sprawl stadium scheme now.

My family and I support baseball by going to games, and the biggest loss to baseball fans in Tucson has been the AAA Sidewinders, not spring training.

I have clearly shared this view with unaccountable huckster Tom Tracy and asked him to address these concerns many people have, but so far he has not.

The legislature must authorize an election for the sales tax hike and sprawl stadium Tracy wants, and right now I have several concerns.

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