Friday, June 26, 2009

Hectic pace at capitol to bully bad bills, budget

Dark times at AZ capitol this week. Follow RepPatterson on twitter.

UPDATE, 6pm: House Dems' news release: Republicans agree on worst budget deal in AZ history.

UPDATE, 1pm: People marching on the AZ State Capitol Sat 9am in protest of Burns/Adams/Brewer deal for worst budget in state history. Be there & be loud.

UPDATE, 12:35pm: An open letter from my family today: Ruby and I miss you so much. But, I'd like to say as you and your Dem colleagues head towards the finish line, that I'm so proud of all of you. I may not, as a private citizen, have agreed with everything they have supported, but on the important issues such as education, pro choice, and health care, the Dem caucus has stood strong.

I wasn't sure what, exactly, the kinds of sacrifices we as a family would be expected to make as you started this journey of public service. It certainly seems very hard, personally taxing, and the pay certainly could be better.

Not many people understand these sacrifices. After six months, I can attest that our family does.

Would I do it again, knowing what I do now? Absolutely.

Daniel, you are a smart and passionate leader. The kind of man I fell in love with over ten years ago. So, stay strong and keep on fighting to 'do the right thing'.

Love, Jeneiene and Ruby

PHOENIX -- I should be home today with my family and other responsibilities in Tucson, but I am stuck at the capitol to represent the good people of LD29 against the reckless, callous dealings by the Republican leadership here this week.

For quicker updates today and this weekend, please follow me on twitter @RepPatterson. No sell-out: I won't back Rs bad AZ budget deal-harms kids, economy, etc. Pro-choice: I'm standing w/ AZ women today for healthcare rights.

Some good news is it seems the summer monsoon is starting up in the southwest. Real rain in Tucson yesterday and maybe today, and sprinkles in Phoenix yesterday and this AM. Parts of SW New Mexico are also getting good rains this week.

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thegooddrlaura said...

That was a beautiful letter from Jeneiene. You're a lucky man.