Monday, June 22, 2009

Labor names Brown & Patterson capitol heroes

AZ workers thank Patterson & Brown for taking a stand for the common good.

UPDATE, 6/23: Coverage in the Phoenix New Times.

PHOENIX -- Today from the Arizona AFL-CIO, the state's largest union: This week’s unsung heroes are and Rep. Jack Brown and Rep. Daniel Patterson.

Rebekah Friend stated, “They both should be commended for standing up and refusing to vote for any Republican bills because of the process and the actual budget.”

Jack Brown is leading the fight and stepping up and speaking up on the lack of leadership from the majority party.

Friend continued, “These two deserve recognition for their courage to speak up for what is right!”

Brown spoke up and told members he was beginning a protest of sorts. “I voted no on this bill; I voted no on the last bill; and I’m voting no on all of the bills today,” he said. Brown continues, “We should be working on the budget and on bills coming over from the Senate—and, hopefully, we won’t pass many of those,” he said.

Following Rep. Brown’s speech, Patterson... explained that he was joining Brown in voting against all bills in order “to send a signal.”

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