Friday, July 10, 2009

AZ Dems check '6000 yr old earth' Allen on uranium

Dems reject Allen's myths, call for protection of Grand Canyon from unwise and harmful uranium mining.

UPDATE, 7/20: Congress and Obama's Interior Dept. move in agreement with our concerns.

PHOENIX -- Arizona lawmakers counter '6000 year old earth' GOP Sen. Sylvia Allen on the uranium mining controversy near the Grand Canyon.

See today's news release from the capitol.

MSNBC political reporter Keith Olbermann recently named Allen 'the worst person in the world' for her ignorance. Watch the video.


Eli Blake said...

Hey, count yourself lucky.

This ignoramus actually represents my district.

I wrote a letter to the Holbrook Tribune after the June 4 budget in which I criticized her for voting for a budget that gutted hospitals and other institutions in her own district, and she emailed me back essentially saying she was irked at the letter and that the budget didn't cut as bad as I said it did.

Oops. It did, so much that Rep. Konopnicki (R-who also represents this district) stated plainly that he voted against it because of what it does to this district. Further, I looked at the budget and I can see what it does to hospitals and community health centers, as well as to rural schools and community colleges. In other words, Sen. Allen doesn't even know what was in the budget she voted for.

Eli Blake said...

But then look at it this way:

If you stand in senator Allen's shoes, you'd figure that with the Grand Canyon being about 6,000 feet deep it is being cut at about a foot a year, so a tailings pile would just disappear in a decade or two.