Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Brewer & AZ Rs pushing callous new budget attack

Brewer no friend to middle-class Arizonans.

UPDATE, Wed. 7/29, 5pm: I'm back at the Capitol and bad things are happening on the budget. We could be here late or all night. Updates on twitter @RepPatterson.

UPDATE, 1:50pm: AZ House Democratic Caucus responds.

PHOENIX -- 'No plan Jan' has morphed in to 'bad plan Jan' as Arizona's accidental Gov. Jan Brewer (R-Glendale) and reckless Republican lawmakers are reportedly ready to push a bad new budget plan that would further cut schools, healthcare and other essential services.

The GOP plan also reportedly calls for more big tax cuts for the rich, and an unfair hike of the sales tax which is already too high and will hurt middle to lower income Arizonans the most.

Arizona legislative Democrats, who represent millions of Arizonans, are meeting this morning to discuss the strongest possible way to continue to fight back for economic justice and work for a fair, reasonable and responsible budget.

More news here later and on twitter @RepPatterson.

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