Monday, August 31, 2009

AZ budget Brew; Obama's bad mining pick Pizarchik

What will Brewer do?

TUCSON -- First a quick update on the high-stakes Arizona budget battle. There are only 5 days left for Gov. Brewer to veto the same old unfair, GOP-only, reckless, one-sided bad AZ budget. Will she keep her word and say 'no'? Follow RepPatterson on twitter.

Obama's 'coal man' Pizarchik.

WASHINGTON -- President Obama’s choice to run the Office of Surface Mining signifies that campaign promises to end environmentally destructive coal mining practices, such as mountain-top removal, will be abandoned, according to Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER). Placating the coal industry is evolving into the central plank of the administration’s environmental agenda.

In July, after months of internal wrangling, President Obama passed over some prominent mining reform candidates to select Joseph G. Pizarchik, a long-time Pennsylvania mining regulator to head the Office of Surface Mining Reclamation, and Enforcement (OSM). Pizarchik is well liked by industry and loathed by coal community groups and environmentalists, many of which are opposing his confirmation.

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1 comment:

Eli Blake said...

I just wish we could find someone to run against Joe Hart.

It's been a year aince two little girls on ATV's fell down an unmarked, unfenced mine shaft and one of them died.

And Joe Hart has done.... nothing. It seems to me that getting those hazards located and fenced is in his area of responsibility.