Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Brewer's unwise Sep 4 budget OKs harm Arizonans

GOP/Brewer serve special interests, not public interest.

PHOENIX -- Gov. Jan Brewer's actions Friday to sign most of the legislative Republicans' one-sided reckless budget will harm Arizona for a long time.

Clearly she is no friend of the common good for people in our state.

Here are just some of the bad deals Brewer unwisely and unacceptably signed in to law on Sept 4:

-- An end to healthcare benefits for 10000 KidsCare Parents and 800 domestic partners. A giveaway to angry social conservatives.

-- A freeze on agency rule making, moratorium on impact fees, moratorium on building code updates, and freeze on construction sales tax rates. A big favor to sprawl developers, and big disrespect to cities, towns and counties.

-- A bad provision allowing private companies to operate state prisons, which is opposed by Department of Corrections Director Charles Ryan and his prison officers as a risk to public safety.

-- A Heritage Fund raid that diverts $3M of the State Parks Board Heritage Fund. A shift of $9.8M of State Trust Land dollars to the State Land Department. More huge cuts to the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality which means less monitoring of water quality, fewer programs for improving air quality, and defunding of the state’s recycling program. All in service of anti-environment, anti-health lobbies and out-of-touch Republican lawmakers.

Don't be fooled, Jan Brewer and the Republicans are not leaders and not good for Arizona.

Unlike Brewer and the GOP, I and other Democrats are fighting for a stronger Arizona.

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