Wednesday, September 23, 2009

In support of choice and smarter state priorities

Rep. Barto and other anti-choice activists fight for fetuses, but usually don't vote to support children or parents.

UPDATE, 5p Sep 29: Court blocks key part of new abortion law.

TUCSON -- I am active today in the Arizona media in support of women's freedom of choice and smarter legislative priorities.

The controversy relates to anti-choice legislation passed this year by Rep. Nancy Barto (R-Phoenix-LD7) and other social radicals at the Capitol, and signed in to law by Gov. Jan Brewer (R-Glendale).

Arizona Daily Wildcat: Law could limit access to Plan B

A new Arizona law could reduce the availability of emergency contraception medication for women on campus and in the community.

The law, signed in July and set to take effect Sept. 30, will set up a series of policies that... critics say will cause women undue stress and complicate an already delicate issue.

...Democratic Rep. Daniel Patterson, who represents downtown (south) and southeast Tucson, says the law will change things. Pharmacy employees have a professional obligation to provide medications like Plan B, regardless of their beliefs, he says.

“If you have a problem providing some kind of legally approved, FDA approved medication, then you’re in the wrong profession,”
he said.

The legislative majority’s focus on social issues during the economic crisis is an out-of-touch priority, he said.

“(The legislature) can pass a bill to attack women’s rights for reproductive choices, but we can’t get a budget done,”
Patterson said. “It’s totally unacceptable.”

On Sept. 14 Planned Parenthood Arizona sued the state over the law, citing what its Chief Operating Officer Patti Caldwell called “legislators stepping in to medical procedures, which is certainly not their area of expertise.”

Religious studies senior and Women’s Resource Center official Malia Uhatafe said state-mandated restrictions do more harm than good.

“It’s ridiculous,”
she said. “It’s taking away our freedom of choice.”

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